Bringing back the old 5-tier system

I want the old five-tier system back. Anyone with me?

+1 Please for the love of god. The balance is gone in the game already, the least they can do is lessen the stress by returning the old non-broken system that worked perfectly fine…

It will not happen. Perhaps there is 20 players daily playing R10-15, that is ONE game 10vs10 and if you are lucky enough you will not wait 8 minutes for that battle. What you think will happen when they do that? 2vs2 battles - beacon hunt in destroyers and wait time around 10 minutes for R13-15. Without buffs darts, gargoyls and R10-13 targas pilots will complain about ships they buy. Without that vet niners will complain that they dont have newbies to shoot. Think man think.

I like three tiers. It makes more sense. However I’m still struggling with the bonuses that increase with rank (the green symbols). It makes certain lower rank ships a lot harder to kill. For example minotaur compared to naga. There is no chance I would choose a naga over a minotaur now.

new tier system is cool.

never had so much fun with t4 ships. and in fact, t5 is also still quite in

remember to buff buffer on t4 for the boni (since you get free resistance), while the t5 have higher hull already, but need to care for their resistance more directly.

actually, there was no reason to take naga at all anyway, except you really have nothing else, or want to use its capacitors for some boom, millan, that wasn’t a big change. Even without the buffs, the Minotaur was close enough, and Brokk or Octo, or good old Osprey or Mammoth, they all kinda play their strengths better in t5.

What I want is the removal of ±3 rule. Why not take a R10 for more raw resi&damage, and a R15. Why do all people in the squad have to have same highest ranked ship.

Doesnt make sense anymore. The game should emphasize on the 3 tiers.

Also, the 5-tier system was at its best in two historical configurations:

 a) when the major tiers were 1-3, and 4 was unplayed

 b) when the major tiers were 2, 3 and either 4 or 5.

So mostly, when 3 tiers were well used, the 5 tiers worked.

3 tiers are enough. but the current system is a mess. As a player I’d like to know my stats before I go to battle. the inbattle buffs are working well, but it would be better if I could count with them in the hangar.