Brawl schedule


Now all mercenaries can try their hand at special game modes — brawls. Each brawl has different special conditions and rules. 


You can take part in brawls for a limited time:

  • 00:00–04:00 UTC
  • 11:00–15:00 UTC
  • 17:00–21:00 UTC

The modes change once a week on Mondays at 00:00 UTC (5:00 YEKT). 

  • On December 24, access is open to the “Beacon Capture” brawl. 
  • On December 31, access is open to the “Survival” brawl. 
  • On January 7, access is open to the “Combat Recon” brawl.
  • On January 14, access is open to the “Spaceball” brawl.

You can start the brawl with a special button in the ”Battle” interface


“Survival” brawl


Attention to all pilots!
The UMC has received an urgent contract. You need to take part in taking control over a dead Jericho city, known as the Monolith Ruins.


Our customers, who wished to remain anonymous, need us to establish control over the space around the Monolith, at least for a little while. All mercenaries will receive special ships for the duration of the operation. 
According to recon data, someone had organized a secret alien artifact research center in the depths of the Monolith ruins. Including prohibited artifacts obtained from the Morag system. Many in the fringe sectors would like to have access to them.

  • Players can join the battle on one of the four provided ships, the selection is the same for everyone. 
  • When the ship is destroyed, you can’t take it into battle again. 
  • Each team has reinforcement points, depending on the number of ships. 
  • Damage is tripled.
  • Destroy as many enemies as possible in the given time.

“Spaceball” brawl


  • There are two teams with three players in each
  • All players fly on special sports ships equipped with a Harpoon
  • The game lasts until 5 goals

Pilots! It’s time to play space football in a special sports arena! At your disposal are special ships with a unique sports “Harpoon”! Each game lasts until 5 goals! Let the strongest win!


The team’s objective is to score 5 goals in the opponent’s net. The first team to score 5 goals, wins! 


Sport is money. Especially in hard times, when law and order are a formality. People need to relax. Top-managers of the corporation Sci-Tech Universal have jointly invested in the revival of the once popular spaceball game.
In the Velorum system, they bought a complex of enterprises for collecting and purifying water, and in an extremely short time, built a state-of-the-art sports stadium Golden Sci Arena, ready to receive thousands of spectators and provide live broadcasts to all systems of the fringe sectors. 
And most importantly, all pilots can become participants of the matches. Enjoy playing! Let the strongest win! 


“Beacon Capture” brawl


  • The team’s objective is to capture 3 enemy beacons.
  • Each beacon can be captured only once, and you can restore capture points for your own beacons. The number of spawns is limited by the number of ships.
  • The team that captures all enemy beacons, a greater number of beacons by the end of the battle, or destroys all enemy ships, wins.
  • With an equal number of captured beacons, the team that destroys more enemy ships wins.

Pilots! The infamous pirate Baron Roscoe announces the start of a special competition! The best of the best mercenaries will be able to fight with each other. You can only earn victory with your skills, a firm hand and a sharp eye!


Some say, representatives of the Sargas Foundation and the Republic of Separate Worlds are behind Roscoe. They are interested in controlling the Pandora system, and especially the enigmatic zone “Devil’s Jaw”. It’s this zone that hosts a massive structure, which, presumably, is a spatial trap left by an unknown civilization. 

“Combat Recon” brawl


  • The team’s objective is to destroy all enemy ships.
  • At the start of the battle, one pilot is selected to be the captain. He gets a bonus to damage and sees all ships at any distance through obstacles. All pilots see the captains of both teams. While the captain is alive, the number of spawns is not limited. If the captain is dead, you can not reuse your ships.
  • The team wins if all enemy ships are destroyed, if at the end of the battle the enemy captain is destroyed and your captain is alive; if at the end of the battle both captains are alive, but your team has destroyed more ships; or if both captains are destroyed, but your team has destroyed more ships.

Attention to all mercenaries!
The UMC has received a new contract from the Government of the Independent Democratic Network Republic (IDNR). The new contract encourages all free pilots to take part in capturing the Eastern mining station in the New Ceres system. It is said that local miners were able to infiltrate a giant structure nearby, obtained some tech and did not want to share it.


It is interesting that relatively recently the republic introduced an artificial government — the Network run by the Ariadne OS. The decision to introduce an artificial government was offered to the Republic by the corporation “Blackwood”, making this the main condition for providing financial assistance. The decision was approved at referendum EnterNet by 94% of citizens.