“Brain Drain” PvE panorama





Recently, New Empire scouts found a breach in Artuga’s defences. They took the opportunity and launched a raid, causing a full-scale massacre and turned the pirate station into ruins. They left, leaving the surviving pirates to die on their station.

The surviving Sci-Tech scientists on the station may possess… some interesting information. Mercenaries, evacuate them before the “rescue” squad of pirates does.


From a report to the Broker: New Empire


intelligence has located the “Palisade” object on the outskirts of the Artuga system. A large fleet and a combat-ready dreadnought made this place almost invulnerable to direct attacks.

The Empire deployed mobile gates and launched an attack on the Palisade while some of the pirates were on a raid. A small sabotage squad took advantage of the surprise, destroyed the dreadnought, damaged the station’s key systems, and then quickly left the system. Now the Palisade reactor is almost out of power, and the station is at risk of turning into a pile of cosmic dust along with everyone who survived.
We believe that Arne Hagen may have leaked information to the Empire. However, we found no evidence of his involvement. Judging by the pirates planning a “rescue” operation, we believe that several Sci-Tech scientists managed to survive. If we get ahead of the pirates and don’t let them kill the scientists, we will be able to interrogate them. To speed things up, we recommend hiring the UMC mercenaries. For a proper reward, they will bring us those eggheads on a platter.




We invite all pilots to take part in the new mission “Brain Drain”. The New Empire attacked the pirate base. The attack went unsuccessfully. The base is partially destroyed. The scientists trapped at the station ask for help and immediate evacuation. Doctor Le Vasseur, responsible for building and fortifying many of Artuga bases, is especially valuable. The doctor is convinced that the pirates would rather bury their secrets in deep space than rescue the scientists. Mercenaries will have to provide assistance in the evacuation.