Bought speed upgrades - but speed lower now!

Hi guys,


I just don’t get it. I just “bought” two separate max speed upgrades for a Tiger. Either one promised to up my max speed by 10 %.

Before I had a max speed of 585. I should have gotten a new max speed of 643.5 with the first upgrade, but speed was lower! Just to check that something is wrong I got a second upgrade, should have been 707.85 then. However, my new max speed is again less than before, only 543?!


Am I missing something? :frowning:

Screenshots of before and after would greatly help.

Of what? “Before” didn’t look like something that had to be recorded. And after is what it is now…

Screenshot of your setup with the max speed of 585 (before) and the second one with the speed of 543 (after).