bought items disappear

Bought weapons are shown in the shop as available, but dont appear in the equip tab. So cant equip the ship with.

Regards Pjotr

When it checks for availability, it checks with all types of ships. So if it’s available, it can be available for all, or just for interceptor. You can’t mount a Achiles module for example on an attack ship, only on interceptor(at least at tier 2), and that’s why it says it’s available.

And also you cant equip T2 items on T1 ships.

imma sez better you buying stuff from Equip Tab than goes shop, since the fit4ship filter more specific there… more certain despite might a bit unconfortable compared lookin at em at shop…

Ok, the different levels of ship and weapons could be the problem. Thanks for reply!

Regards Pjotr

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