Bots will not shoot at Relic

I can’t reveal the bug report guideline on mobile since the new forums update, so you get an issue reproduction guide instead.


Step1: Equip relic with the reflector shield special module


Step2: Go in to PvAI, PvE, or Open Space


Step3: Aggro some enemies.


Step4: Activate your special shield


Step5: Watch as the enemies completely stop shooting at you.


If you don’t want to try this for yourself, you can tune in to my stream tonight at 9:30 CST at where I’ll be testing out the shield’s use even further!


Accepted as SC-114758

i totaly agree… so, this special shield is almost totaly useless on co op, open space, and pve…

and bravo for your nice cluser torpedo ! you managed to do the feat to make a second active module on dessies (with gravity lens) which bothers all allies…instead to help…