Bots tier 1 Ai?/matchmaking

It seems like one team of bots is better than the other team…Is it just me…or does some matches your bots just go suicide it seems like? This is a problem especially with few human players getting matched with relative equal skill levels.

Also had issue with bots getting stuck shooting at walls? fire missiles flying into asteroid…

Yeah, i’ve had it happen a few times and i’ve noticed that when it happens, the opposing team usually have 2-3 bots with higher Tier than my team.

This is of course only true in matches with only 1-5 human players on each team.

I have seen this as well and its all to common it seems to be luck if you get the good bots or suicide bots.

Its not uncommon if 1 player on each side i can kill them only to see the bots on the enemy team have like 3-4 kills and my own bots are all at 0 and all most fully wiped out and know i am going to lose due to sheer numbers.