Bots and Players

This, this is what we call a rage post on how utterly horribad bots are right now! :la:

That said, I’ll try to make it a nice rage. I have not played against players in my last … oh… seven matches. The one player I MIGHT get on the OTHER side, is either a newb, or doesn’t really do anything anyways. So that said, make it open world, add grinding and quests, perfect.

But … it’s not. It’s a bunch of tech three AI shooting me down in three seconds. I can take players. I take them nicely - in fact matches with players I usually get 12-20% in the final score. But that skill doesn’t amount to _crap_ when faced with an equal (Or slightly equal) ship. I HAVE to be in a bigger, faster, better, (see what I did there?) Ship to win. I think I saw this before - but the game doesn’t feel like a space shooter, it feels like an mmo that’s missing everything because NPCs always hit. Period. End of story. Sniper frigate with lasers against an assault that theoretically can kill it in close range? Not on your life. Snipers at 9km shooting a target rolling, flipping, immelman turning and everything else possible in a spaceship? Dust in seconds. If I’m going to play against NPCs that hit everytime, give me armor, a cape and maybe… a shiny sword to reflect the danged lasers.

Bots =/= players. Bots = OP, fun ruining, gambles.

Once. And only once. In 20 or so matches total, have I won with a full team of bots. And you know what? I was a newb, and against three tech 2 players, my bots seemed to favor the lesser team and somehow were better. In fact, my bots were so much better, those players in great ships? (And mind you, my team was tech 1 bots.) wiped 'em. I followed ‘em in on the asteroid map and kaboom. Assaults n’ frigates vaporized without time to think. I almost pitied them - and that win, I did nothing. 0% contributed to victory. All bots.

So. My vote. This game sucks with bots, needs a point to level (Because right now the only motivation is a shiny frigate to be OP in, and then nothing.)

It’s beta. But. The game lacks the basic fundamentals of any shooter. Even bots in AVA or Black Prophecy aren’t this blatantly OP. They’re hard - but they aren’t game breaking.

That’s another thing. This last game I played (And the reason I’m writing this post.) I got 25% out of a team of… what, ten? And we got through half the match just fine. Then all of a sudden two points are capped, my entire team is down and I’m the last duck ready to get insta popped by YOU GUESSED IT! Lasers. Hiding? Doesn’t work. Head on and spinning; doesn’t work. Only brute force in numbers ever works, which irks me in a game that places so much emphasis on personal skill. That’s not the issue though - in a winning match with that high of a score, I’d get upwards of 7k exp, and 20k credits. That’s freaking awesome! But oh look. You lost so you lose 95% of everything. That’s such a slap in the face for great performance (Most games don’t do this, again I compare to AVA and Black Prophecy) that I want to ragequit and stop testing entirely. But. It’s just so addicting to do a radial 270 and then immelman turn to slap a missile into someone’s face.

GG Gaijin.

Good morning,

many players try to do a single rush and this may work against players with less experience and it also worked against bots in the past.

But it was to easy because you could fight 3-8 bots at the same time so there was no challange and also the game is based on teamwork and not on single heros.

This was the reason why bots were strengthened in one of the last patches. Now you need to play in small squads in order to have a chance.

Further more this game is not PvE so there is no need of weak bots for “farming”. Perhaps the bots will be removed in the future when there are more players, but at the moment I cant give any exact information about this.

Bots are relatively easy to kill, as long as they’re targeting someone else(and you’re not the only guy left on the team - they simply chase you relentlessly when that happens).

So there’s really no option right now with less players to bother going in solo? Makes sense. Ish. I don’t know - I always liked being the lone sniper. But it _Does_ make sense.

Going solo is now a lot more difficult and believe me it is a lot of fun to have a good squad. So for example 2 person take frigates for sniper mode and the other escort them.

Going solo is now a lot more difficult and believe me it is a lot of fun to have a good squad. So for example 2 person take frigates for sniper mode and the other escort them.

Normally I’d quite agree - and as this game is very much like a lobby room squad shooter, I’d play it as such. but the que itself is rather loner friendly - contrary to gameplay. Just my rather opinionated self though xD

To encourage this (And this probably now belongs in the suggestions forum) Perhaps to ‘balance’ things out, and the subconscious decision to just click fight and go in with a bot team, make a squad menu. Describe squads, give VOIP and squad chat, live tracking for teammates, etc etc. Make it spacey as it should be, with all this information as opposed to _Nothing_ for squads aside from a name and the fact you’re going in w/ ‘em. Having to use an external VOIP is fine, but I would like extra visuals and information in relation to squads since they are so important. Also, and this is rather changing the topic, I noticed that as soon as I (Using three ships at T1) get into a squad using all T ships - we’re instantly pitted against T3 and T4. Now, because of the divide in ships, (And I’m used to this in EVE.) I don’t have as many qualms with it, aside from dying so fast. But hey. Ya’ die fast in EVE if one’s stupid enough to attack face on against a harder target anyways. But I’d like to see some motivation to fight these guys, or … something. Because if territory or faction rankings go up, no one wants to train newbs to be better, because of the drastic amount of effort required.

Make que system. List battles running. Be typically easy to understand - (Even us caps lock if need be.) THIS MATCH HAS T3-T4. Continue? Because it is true, a newb who has relative issues flying isn’t going to be taking on a T4. My T1 frigate is annihilated in two shots by a T3 Assault using lasers - One shot on a T4 Frig.

the lack of information on the game itself (The HUD is fine for personal use.) Is rather offputting.

Squads were just introduced so I think they are not finished yet. About game VOIP I think this can cause many problems because of people who just keep shouting senseless stuff. If you get into a squad with one or more T3 players your squad will be but automatic against T3 players.

I think at the moment there was no thought about pushing new players and it is not adviced to get pushed because you will lake the fight experience.

But I think these things will improve until the release. Thank you for your feedback.