Bots and lasers

At this moment, the thing that REALLY needs tweaking is bots’ accuracy.

Seriously guys, you just can NOT evade their lasers. Full hit on you.

Screw them acting like ostriches, fix their accuracy!

You can NOT counteract a bot fregate in sniper mode with lasers. CAN NOT, he always performs a TRUE SHOT on you.

This is not real.

do a barrel roll - Press Z Q or R E twice

From what ive experienced, I dont actually think that the bots even use the sniper mode. Ive never seen very much damage coming from the bots lasers, making me assume that they dont use the skill. I do 100% agree with you that the lasers are extremely accurate. One bot using lasers is quite bothersome, but can easily be killed because the bots arent the brightest things out there, however, if there is more than one bot with lasers on you, they are quite deadly.