Bot Offered Me A Deal - Private Messaging Breached

Bug report:


What happened?

Spam bots got more aggressive. They started to appear in global chat. I have seen at least 2 such examples on a daily basis.

Bots started to spam in the Private Mailbox. Then they appeared in the Global chat. Now they are also in Private chat.


What should happen?

My account and an entire chat should be secured from any bot spamming! This poses a security risk and as such, it’s unacceptable! Provide additional layers of security!


Point of this story?

(Renamed_74762) is a bot!



13:41:45.673     CHAT| <    PRIVATE From>[(Renamed_74762)] VV VV VV , M M O M B , C 0 M Sell cheap GS 5K=6.59$,We pay Tax,fast and 24/7 live chat!!


Logs: (Check 13:42 or 1:42PM)

[2017.04.23](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14053)




Where is Bug ID tag?