Bot Drones

I was recently in a bot match and found myself alone at a beacon with a bot “attached” to me. Upon lock-on to an enemy ship, the bot would fly to it and attack, and when I broke lock, come back. It functioned exactly like an attack drone!!

Do my idea is to let players pick one of their other combat-slot ships to bring in to battle as a bot, instead of just assigning random bots. This would probably give for faster matches and much more interesting gameplay.

I say as you complete the faction contracts (33/33 for each,) your bot’s AI level increases a bit so it’s more effective, this would also give better incentive to complete them!!

Any ideas? ^^


Yes, I gave this post Lots Of Love too~

Yes, I gave this post Lots Of Love too~


That’s not beary nice…



More like



Not planned. Many players have already stated that they do not like bots in PvP battles.

Well as the old saying goes NOT ALL BOTS are created EQUAL there always be that bot  which is serves as an diversion\speed bump\ easy kill to add to the opposing teams tally .  


While every once in awhile you will get that 1 that is great at times and you kinda want it as your drone  :005j:  there is small price that goes along with it as they may steal the kill  :004j:   

Yeah you know that guard bot that is the only ship that’s there to annoy you with its pulsar, cruise missiles and 100% aim beam…

Some guards use those federation fighters and are super easy to kill, and then there is that ELFR bot… 100% accuracy if you don’t move…