Bot balance.

Its been annoying me for along time but can some thing be done about the balance in the bots.

All most every game ends up with 1 team of bots been great and able to kill enemy player/bots the other team has the most useless bots that just fly around and do nothing and i don`t and can not see a reason WHY.

The bots are nice and better than playing vs 1 player but the lack of balance in the sets of boths on the teams is just stupid.

It has got better with the last 2 big patch’s now its no longer 1 side has bots that all die and have 1 enemy kill as the other bots rack up 3+ each but its still out of wack with 1 side having 3-4 bots having a kill each why the other team has bots with 5+ not better for balance but more of the bots seem to do some thing apart form die.

Yah, I’ve lost fights of 1vs1 with +10 kills against bad oponents killed almost in the very beginning because of the bots.

I would prefer fight with just 1vs1 or 2vs2 without bots.

Well I think bots will be removed in the future.

i would prefer battles as before the 0.5 patch

Well I think bots will be removed in the future.

I hope not i kind of like the bots to a point its just when one team of bots is just out playing the other team bots that its annoying.

I know the plan is for it to be just pvp and the bots will just sort of be for training but still be nice to see them on a more level playing field.

I think bots should be optional. It is a good replacement for when a match is empty. I would rather face bots then just 1 person.