Bombs not showing in team lists

  1. Players holding bombs in any game mode do not have the “bomb icon” next to their names in the Enemy list/Ally list UI element in battle or when viewing the map.

  2. For the “bomb icon” to appear next to the name of a carrier.

  3. In any game mode involving bombs have a player/bot pick up a bomb. The icon will not be present next to their name on any UI element other than their name when viewed on sensors.

  4. During Detonation or “Sector Conquest” any player holding the bomb will not show on any ally/enemy lists as holding the bomb making coordinating and planning against bombs near impossible especially within Sector Conquest due to the severely reduced sensor range which can only be bypassed with a maximum sensor range Tai’kin.

This also severely impacts regular detonation gameplay as the majority of players will wind up brawling elsewhere on the map completely oblivious to the presence of a “bomb runner” due to the lack of UI elements indicating as such or visuals on a carrier.

  1. This has begun occuring with the release of the “Faction Wars” update. The bug is always present.

  2. Relevant screenshots and logs attached (from current session when I took the screenshots). Apologies about the log length, for some reason I wanted to try get a detonation match via Skirmish instead of custom for a while but gave up in the end.

  3. Not relevant.

  4. Not relevant.

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  6. Not relevant.


Holding the bomb with no UI element next to my name on the allied list





An enemy bot holding the bomb with no UI element next to their name on the enemy list



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It’s a known issue