Blue drops?

So, there are crap drops, green overcharged drops and purple experimental drops.


Did you forget the blue drops or was that on purpose they don´t drop at all, since green is nice about 2 days, after that, you can buy blue ones in the shop that are better anyway, leaving them as crap as well.

So having blue drops would really be a good thing and make drops actually worth something, since for now, you only care for purple, most other things you mostly don´t even care about.


So, was no blue ones intended or am i just bugged not getting a sinlge one ever?







blue drops are not intended.



Same goes for mk1, mk2 and premium.


There was the possibilty to loot evey kind of equip directly after the loot mechanik was implemented. No matter what tech or lvl. I still have a T1 mk1 Hail and a T1 mk3 Weapon Cooling System. x) Also got once a T1 premium Thermal Barrier and a T2 mk3 Kinetik Barrier.