Blow to the Heart [MISSION/QUEST] "Jericho"

Goodday guys :slight_smile:


Please help how can i finisht this mission for jericho


it says


Your Objective:

Attack the enemy captain in Combat Recon or defned your own.


Rewards is 20k standards huehue. 

Well, how about you attack the enemy captain in Combat Recon or defend your own? Might have to fly a Jericho ship for that.


Reward is certainly not 20k standards btw. Galactic standards are the real money currency and they don’t give you such amounts for free. :wink:

20k GS?  We all beg.


Double click on the icon and if I remember right it should list requirements.  Your best bet is to take an engineer since it’s combat drones help to defend without you paying attention.  If it requires Jericho ships, then a guard with signature masking perhaps.  Since those missions can only be completed once, it puts the community at a guessing game.

THANKS to all reply :slight_smile: