Blood Orange battle text, white lead indicators, instant re-log when exit loot screen - what is this?

Blood Orange battle text (normally blue), white lead indicators (mine are green), instant re-log when exit loot screen. Sometimes happens “randomly” in the middle of a battle, the colours change, and when re-log occurs, all previous chat is retained unlike manually logging out and in. Does anyone know what this is?

Please make a proper bug report (without copying and pasting your text).

I’m not reporting a bug, I’m asking a question.

But there is no question mark.

Edited. . It is in the Q&A though


Blood Orange battle text (normally blue)

From Damage source? They are displayed for Weapons that dealt you Mixed Damage like the Phaser (Fast shot is Plasma while Sphere detonation is Thermal), can also be any Gunship using a Plasma Weapon + Magnetic Disruptor.



white lead indicators (mine are green)

Main Menu → Options → HUD → Lead marker Colour



instant re-log when exit loot screen

Linked to the Client reconnecting to a Server, probably a node change requiring a re-authentication.


That can be linked to some weird cloud saved setting or local saved setting.

It’s somewhat of an old problem. It usually has to do with a form of desync from the server and the whatnot with the exit as soon as battle ends just being a resync more or less.

I know exactly what you’re talking about tho.