Black screen after windowed-full -> Fullscreen.

So thats it. I only do that. I clicked windowed-fullscreen and I changed that to -> Fullscreen and that happened. My graphic card doing weird black screen

| Error report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | Black Screen. |
| What you expected to see       : | Menu |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | : Change Windowed-Fullscreen to Fullscreen. It happened to me. |
| Problem details   : | I can do something. I need to manually find “options” for change Fullscreen to Windowed-Fulscreen |
| Frequency of reproduction    : | always |
|   |   |

Someone said “Reinstall the game” but I cant do that. I dont have crazy internet like them! So I need to change options manually. But I dont really know where .txt file is in it? So if you tell me… I only delete this file and reinstall it . Thats it.

1 hour ago, Koon_Gun said:

Problem details 


Game logs needed


As Skula said, post logs. And don’t uninstall game, you can change it manually. But first are logs. (It’s better for game and developers)

To be honest. There’s no logs. It just a graphic card problem. It didnt crashed… Game is still waits on open. No crash logs. After deleting game files (Not a Graphic codes, textures) I only deleted codding and I verify files after that. It fixed. 



-It just a “compatibility” problem. Yeah. So it fixed after I do these things. So problem is fixed.Have nice day!