Black Hort

I’m wondering if I can use the Black Hort ship on the steam version of this game?

Cause I got the key to get one and put it on my account, but I didn’t see it on ship list.

I know I linked my Gaijin account with my Steam account cause I played War Thunder via Steam.

So I’m uncertain if I need the stand alone/non steam client to be able to use the Black Hort.

I have been wondering the same thing–also got the Black Hort thru the special invite & don’t see it in my Steam version of the game…Can a Mod step in here?

this post by Rakza explains how to do it. It did take the -nosteam switch to get the Black Hort. Remember to remove -nosteam when you no longer need it. [](< base_url >/index.php?showtopic=26822#entry317937)

You have to start the game once without steam or as drazaco says with -noteam as launch command