Black Hort mmorpg codes

I dont think any of these codes actually work. I know several people who have got them, and none of them have got the code to work.


here’s the page (which is now out of codes)




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I was about to say that they may be out of them if none work now. I got a lovely shiny bh a while ago so I have no idea.

Mine has doombot’s face stamped on the side of it in pure gold. ;3

The codes didnt work evern when there were codes left…

Strange. Sounds like an error on the part of the devs/public affairs dept. The codes are just an automatically generated text string, so something probably went wrong with the back end of the batch going to mmorpg.

SC has a problem since ever syncing entered keys with clients that get started over steam. You have to start the game without steam (go into the star conflict folder and click the game.exe) and login with you gaijin/forum acc

What Rakza says here gets it done: [](< base_url >/index.php?showtopic=26822#entry317937)  Remember to undo the -nosteam switch when you’re done with it.

Call to support

i got it. its worked for me

Got the code from mmorpg too. Activated it on gajin account, used non-steam launcher, got the BH ship. Usefullness = 0

There need to be something to do, because such a procedure just to have the ship finally in my acount is something strange… -.-

But yeah I have a premium ship. :smiley:

Thanks Dazarco that worked!