Black Ghost - last days of the event!


Pilots! UMC reminds you that the “Halloween” event ends soon, which means that the phantom ships Black Ghost will disappear from space as well.

The ship “Black Ghost” will be available to pilots until November 14 this year as well as annually during the “Halloween” event. As for the rest of the year, the ship is blocked and can’t be used!


The ship is included in the bundle Star Conflict: Black Ghost


The mysterious phantom destroyer “Black Ghost”.

The universe is full of mysteries and secrets. One of these mysteries is the “Black Ghost” spaceship. Even before the Invasion, many pilots told tales about signals allegedly sent from an unknown ship. But no one could find any official records about it. And recently, some pilots have been talking about personally meeting this ship away from the major space routes. They say that stumbling upon it means bad luck. Perhaps this is only a legend, but if you hear the sound of a fog whistle or see a mark on the radar, we suggest that you run! Otherwise, death awaits you.


Special module: Ghost rush

  • When activated, the ship becomes transparent to shells and lasers, while significantly increasing the speed and maneuverability. Shooting and using modules interrupts the effect.

Ten slots for modifiers:

  • Engine Modifier — 1 slot
  • Capacitor modifier — 3 slots
  • Shield Modifier — 1 Slot
  • Hull modifier — 3 slots
  • CPU modifier — 2 slots

Active module “Main caliber”

  • Extremely powerful thermal weapon. Fires explosive shells
  • Compatibility: “Black Ghost” destroyer, other suppression role destroyers.
  • The weapon is always available to players.

Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Paint: “Death mask” for your other ships.
  • Stickers: “Pumpkin” and “Dig in!”
  • A special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — 666 galactic standards!