Big problem when in battle

Ok so I have been flying around attacking people and playing as normal. I thought this was a 1 off but since the new update it is happening more frequent and really getting on my nerves.

I am in range for my guns to attack someone I press R or T to select them and start attacking. All of a sudden I will lose lock and that person goes inadvisable like they have cloaked but their right in front of me and you see part of their ship and some of it like its part cloaked.

This also happens when you are in friggets when using special by pressing F and having close range. I am within 8,000 and when you lock someone again this just vanishes off you see the ship but it does not allow to attack it even tho you are and had lock on it it is still not taking damage. and have to lock something else.

Also when you are flying around you see no NPC or anyone else then all of a sudden you are sounded by all the other team or players and your dead.

Now I am not putting this to lag due to the setup and pc config I have as its a medium to high end gaming system. Everything runs smooth within game no lag to date the odd drop out and loss of connection but due to network upgrades.

I will in the next day or so try to get some screen shots but even taking them in battle is proving a challenge as its not taking the picture like it use to and dumping it in the install folder tried to put print screen on paint and seems it is very limited like i pres it sometimes and delay of it in game not sure but will try to get some pictures of whats happening or video and submit to post

Good morning,

I also noticed that bug, but for me it only happens when flying in frigate.

Quick input - I only notice this when in frigate, using lasers (Yes I tried using plasma and rails.) annd in that uhh… marksman mode? What was that? Yeah. Marksman. I’ll be shooting and then all of a sudden. Poof. No more lock (Not that it matters - I can still see the ship and make it go boom.) But for closer encounters where launching a missile becomes the difference between living or dying in that slow moving hulk of a spaceship, losing lock can mean AAAAGGGH *Static.*

This bug is known and should be fixed in the future.

frigates have a very weak radar system right… 3km range forwards.

IMO radar detection range should be dependant of ship size. which means frigates should be detected at distances much larger than interceptors.