BF3 Free in Origin

i just got free BF3…it’s free until 4 June…

i just got free BF3…it’s free until 4 June…

A free xxxx is still xxxx.

nice will download. bf3 was good on xbox a few years ago. bf4 sucks major wang however :frowning: netcode is terrible

Yes, even new BF4 players are going back to BF3 actually because BF4 is just meh and a bugfest. Not that I play it, but hey, it’s actually great if you get it for free but maybe that is promotion for DLC sale (very likely), the point is, the playerbase probably won’t be stale for some time since BF4 wasn’t well receieved.

BF’42 is from 2002 and still better than BF4  :yes_yes:

they have some test servers which have good netcode apparently which they want to role out to vanilla BF4 but even with that there are over 9000 different types of explosives which require 0 aim and commander mode which takes any sort of tactical play out of the game because everyone is on the radar 24/7 o.o shame because the game visually looks really nice

yep nice graphic…tons of BUG…i will not buy BF4 until EA and DICE fix it

I have not played BF4 in over 2 months. The lag…

It’s not lag, it’s the network code. the network tick in bf4 is around 100ms (1/10), which makes it slower than 1/16 games, like SC2.


Usually an FPS should have at least around 1/30 tick.

I don’t remember my password and Origin is not sending me the new pass link to my e-mail so screw BF3