better communication for trade

This doesn’t fit under graphics, apologies. It was what I was able to choose.


Devs: How about when your auction ends without a sale, sending a mail through the system that would tell you that.

Secondarily, When an auction results in a sale how about an email saying that it sold and for how much.



If not that, when you load up the game in the list in the lower righthand corner pops up to give you info, how about putting messages there about trading. Perhaps it’s already there, if so, I apologize, i’ve never seen it.


Again apologies for putting this in graphics (although there is a grahpical component) but please take the suggestion in the spirit it was offered.


Happy hunting everybody!




When a trade goes through while you’re online it will show a small pop-up in the bottom right. Though it is temporary and easy to miss.