Best Weapon For Frigates

Title says it all.

Where is heavy varient?

I vote minefields.

Depends on what you’re using your frigate for, and your own skills and preferences.

Where is heavy varient?

Wait. There’re heavy variants? That’s interesting…

Heavy Variants are in t3 and up play, their barrels move slowly and try to follow what you have locked on so they’re pretty much impossible to hit interceptors with, even if all they’re doing is holding W+E+Space to just slowly spiral in front of you.


They get some insane DPS though, on my Desert eagle my Heavy Plasma sits above 600 DPS, it’s for killing frigates only more or less.

I would say Hail plasma /w acceleration coils pre frigate eng gun/camera nerf, all around speed buff. With 4 guns on a frigate, they don’t hit hard enough at range to kill anything b/f they just fly up and poop on you from your blind spot :(. Also, it’s much easier to close the distance in T3 in T2 with higher ship speeds all around. 4 guns on a frigate…might as well fly a fighter if you want to shoot stuff.


I’ve been using Heavy variants as i get military drops and Assault Lasers. Honestly…i have not been impressed with the Heavy Lasers vs. Frigates and have had more luck /w Assault Lasers, which are more versatile. I may need to play /w some T3 mods to find a combo for heavy hitting Heavy weapons…but seriously…4 guns…may as well fly a fighter.

I only use heavy lasers for pve. The instant hit nature of lasers making them easy to use is counteracted by the slow barrels, making heavy lasers a weapon that’s at war with itself over what it’s good for. OTOH heavy plasma and rails are fully optimised for trainwrecking large slow targets, which is niche, but they’re great at it.


I used to swear by LR lasers or stabilised rails on my engineer, but since the turret nerf and interceptor buff I’ve actually come to the conclusion that I want *short* range weapons on my engy. Staying alive against interceptors that come for me so I can continue to give my buffs is more important now than giving fire support.