Best weapon for Boremys

Hey Guys,


just have a simple question. Which weapon is the best one for Bory.

Currently I am using Beam cannon or Aim assisted one and also chips supporting thermal damage.

I would like to try EM - Plasma devastator or Dag Launcher.

What is your opinion?


Thank you



For PvP Aim assisted cannon, Proximity Mortars.
For PvE anything but Vulcan can perform well with the right chips.


Plasma Devastator overall is not a good weapon due to low projectile speed, low damage and low base critical chance although likely in PvE it can perform to some extent if properly chipped.

Dag’tnith is the seed chip “DPS” meta pick although MIRV is another popular choice once it is fixed.

Thank you for the advice. I learned that Plasma Devastator is not that good hard way. After spending around 12mil and couple hundreds GS I took my Bory to SO and it was failure. Maybe I do not have good chips. I will try Dag´nith and if it will be another failure I will get beck to thermal weapons - need grind couple of mil credits first.


Thank you