Best *Tank* Setup for Archon

If you want to build a destroyer, and you happen to choose Archon, as  a lower level destroyer it does not have as much *oopmh* as an R11 or newly made R14 but it for its rank is a 100 thousand ton hunk of steel, now bear in mind this build varies on your taste, but as the title says, this is a 100% tank build.

My Archon’s setup which I guarantee can out-tank an Invincible is below, take a good look at the pictures(ignore halo Mk1, just bought it— the gun is your preference) Below is the stats on text::

Shield: 75,000

Resistance - 111 Kinetic 103 EM and 81 Thermal

Hull- 131,000

Resistance 43 Kinetic, 76 EM and 46 Thermal

If your smart, or Kostyan you probably don’t believe that the Archon out-tanks the Invincible, but i assure you it does! How you ask? The answer is 1. Shield Volume and Resitance and 2. Hull Volume and Crystal Plates. 

For each enemy firing on me I gain +11 resistance to all types of damage for 7 seconds, and if you can picture this in your head… I survive a hell of a lot more, because it ramps up as my shields take damage… so I am already at 33 res for 3 targets.(Works like a charm in PvE as everything that fires on you works as a target) so yes yes the Invincible has high hull and moderate resistance, but how do you heal all that? with no shields… you wont last very long, even with an engineer. 

Its simple, the Invincible has Hull to tank, the Archon has both Shield+Hull and if you average it out… its totally  in plain sight. 

Remember, if you want to build a Destroyer, always ask yourself-what do you want, don’t go for it because its shiny go for it because it might fulfill your purpose.






Lol at volume tanking. Your resistances are terrible.

And have fun escaping that shield disruption bubble with 119 m/s unsustainable afterburner speed and 4.9 m/s2 acceleration.

TBH, only the energy regen is a bad choice, the rest is okay, kinda expected.