"Best slogan of the "Invasion" results



Invasion continues!


Thanks to all pilots, who defied biomorphs and participated in our contest! All slogans worthy of a place in the hall of fame, but we have chosen the most interesting, warlike and patriotic ones:


“They didn’t come in peace, but they can go in pieces!” - Recoil

“Morph them into rubble!” - Zee

“In space, we will hear them scream.” - JasanQuinn

“There’s only two ways this can end, and in both of them they die.” - Werss

“What do you call 1000 dead bio-morphs? A good days work!” - Vidiot

“Biomorphs, go away, we no like you” - ShadowBlade3

“Every minute we DON’T do the rounds, the ALIENS make leaps and bounds!” - capnnic

“GREEN HAZE, MURDEROUS CRAZE - Fight the encroachment!” - capnnic

And the special prize 500 GS from Biomorph Defenders Secret Society goes to yeahalex for the set of the most humanistic slogans:


“biomorphs are friends, not food”
“rights for biomorphs”
“you wouldn’t blow up a kitten, don’t blow up a biomorph”
“save the biomorphs”

Star Conflict Team