Best slogan of the "Invasion" (discussion)

Biomorphs are not our friends! All details can be found [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24189-best-slogan-of-the-invasion/).

“Our beloved world is in their hands, lets take it from them.”


“Our freedom is at stake, this means war.”


“An invasion is happening, we shall resist until we die.”


  • Semaphorism (IGN)

“Burn them with fire!”

“According to our Priests, they [biomorph] should not exists, but they do. So put your big boy pants on and lets fix this”

They didn’t come in peace, but they can go in pieces!

What’s better than a bunch of aliens stored in a ship container. One alien stored in a bunch of containers.

If aliens are the stuff of nightmare, then we are the dreams that wake them in a cold sweat.

en…“kill them all”?

en…“kill them all”?


Like this :fed001:

Still no update on the winner of the Aerography contest, I see…

We were divided

We were killing each other


Then they came

And everything changed


Now we stand

As one

To protect

Our future


After years of failures our soldiers succeeded

They’ve lost their lives for humanity’s survival

But finally we know how to defeat our enemies

We use love, compassion, mdma and when those things merge in WiggleDance



The future of human race is in YOUR hand

Get to your ship!

With your friends swarm Aliens in WiggleWiggle ship dance





“We don’t know where they came from, but we know where we’ll send them…”


“Resistance is futile. Yet we shall resist.”


“This threat cares not for faction; it destroys all with equal prejudice. Our only hope is to unite, or die.”

Jericho:   (this is all one slogan)

                These aliens are bugs to be squashed under our titanium metal boots.

                Join us, and together we will conquer them along with the empire and federation scum.

                We will take back everything that once was ours!


                *picture shows a masked Jericho commander pointing directly at you with a phoenix wright-like pose while every flag and color of Jericho                                            surrounds him*


                                                                            “Jericho wants You!”













and this last one would be of the citizens of Jericho wanting their planets back.

(the little guy = the Biomorphs)





The masked guy would look something like this.



  1. They attacked our home. They murdered our friends. They will pay. Join the fight now!
  2. Never surrender. Never retreat. Never give up. Show aliens no mercy!
  3. Biomorphs are just insects. We all know wery well how to deal with bugs.

ign: dwi

Poster style:

Infection is spreading

Do YOUR part to stop it.

Edit: Sample poster here. Sure hope you don’t mind me stealing your image, Crystaljack!


Battle cry style:

For the Fallen!


Invade my missile!

"The Alien is willing to die for this Sector.

We are willing to KILL for it!"

“In space, we will hear them scream.”

“Pilots! Teach them fear!”

Come and fight together in this apocalyptic times!


Beware of ignorance, otherwise the end is near!


Stand up and fight them all!


Ingame nick: ScanBlu

“Once, I saw an Alien. He, didn’t.”

“Invasion, Detection, Destruction.”

“How to kill an alien ? Take a gun. Shoot him. Still alive? Shoot again.”


“We saw they come we run”


“We run but would’t hide”


“Together we stand and fall”




I Allowed     :012j:**  **

so we are allowed to make several slogans?

IGN: Efefay

“Can’t we just sign a peace treaty with these aliens?”

“I want to see some alien body parts floating in space. Get to it men.”

“We will urinate on their alien souls!”