Best Ship Modifiers, Modules and Weapons, for each class of ship

Ever since ive been playing SC i have always had problems about knowing which weapon to use for each kind of ship, T3+ (cov ops, tackler, ecm, LRF, etc.) Same with multipurpose modules and ship modifiers. Most of the time i keep the modifiers and modules the same because i so t know what is better or worse. I would like help having listings of the best Modules, Modifiers weapons/missiles for each class, and if you want add me to friends on Star Conflict my name is AlephTsela

Mk V is best, but Mk IV is more than good enough.

There is no best weapon, best shield, best armour, etc. It all depends on your play style.

Just put on resists and crit chances usually. My prom command has a base 100+ resist on hull then you add the hull add. device then you add the resist that comes from the multipurpose module. If they knockdown my health to halfway I turn on hull regen mod. If they do it again I turn on diffusion shield and run away.

Not how I usually play but when I’m on sugar. I usually play more careful. Twizzlers

Some general rules of thumb:


Armor/Shields: Boosting Resistance is better than boosting Volume (strength) for both Hull and Shield modules. Regeneration is almost never useful.


Engine Mods: Boost Strafe Speed for Interceptors and Fighters, and Rotation Speed for Frigates. In Tiers 1 thru 3, Collision Compensators are the only way to boost your strafe speed.



  1. Railguns are best for maximizing Critical Damage. They have a special ammo type that gives them more critical chance, and generally have a slightly higher critical chance stat.


  1. Lasers are best for long-range fighting, as they are the most accurate weapons with little-to-no spread (except Pulse Lasers) and have no bullet travel time. They are also the best weapon for hunting Interceptors.


  1. Plasma are best for stripping shields and opening targets up for a devastating missile barrage.


CPU Mods:

  1. If you are trying to maximize critical damage with Railguns(using Shaped Charge Shells ammo), put on Infrared Scanners until your critical chance hits 50%. After that, use Target Tracking Coprocessors if you have free slots left.


  1. If you are trying to maximize optimal and max range using Lasers, use Horizon Modules.


  1. If you are using Plasma, use Electronic Guidance Modules.


  1. If you find yourself going up against ECM interceptors on a regular basis, and dying, leave at least one slot for a Proton Wall.


Capacitor Mods:


  1. Energy Regeneration is more useful for ships that have Aura modules or modules that stay active for a longer duration while draining energy, like Engineers or Guards. Regeneration is also very useful for ships that rely heavily on their Afterburners.


  1. Energy Volume is useful for ships that have a lot of modules that expire quickly, but use a lot of energy to activate.


  1. If you aren’t worried about energy, throwing on an Emergency Barrier is never a bad thing. Note that Emergency Barriers do not stack.



As always, feel free to break or bend the rules and see what works for you.

On 90% of ships R1-R16 you must have a Multipurpose module Hull Booster, get use to this earlier, outside modules go very build and task specific but there are some rules of thumbs for majority of ships (there are always exceptions for different purposes):


  • 2 Hull slots - 1x Galvanized + 1x Reinforced beam/Armored plate

  • 3 Hull Slots

   - 2x Galvanized+ 1x Reinforced beam/Armored plate + 1x Vernier engine AND Rotation implant (E6) OR 2x Verniers (needed to compensate for Galvanized rotation penalty

   - 1x Galvanized +1 kinetic Resists + 1x Reinforced beam/Armored plate/one of the 3 resists (must use at least 1 Vernier engine)


On all federation interceptors and gunships you must have either Proton wall or J2 implant, or better both.