Best of the Best "Silver stars" 7.04

I want to invite you to event “Best of the best”.


The lobby will be created 16:45 UTC and start  scheduled for 17:00 UTC. 7.04
1 lobby – host gtnz
2 lobby – host gadyuka

Ship : in poll


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Best from the best.

Tournament Rules

  1. Общие сведения

  2. Best from the Best is a player-made tournament.

  3. Winner and participants from the final battle are rewarded with in-game resources or galactic standards.

  4. Tournament is organized by Star Storm [STORM] corporation.

  5. Registration

  6. There is no registration on Star Conflict forums.

  7. When tournament starts, a “custom battle” will be created. All players who join this “custom battle” are counted as tournament participants.

  8. All participants must use only ships, allowed for this instance of tournament.

  9. Administration

  10. Administration are main organizers and sponsors of this tournament.

  11. The tasks of the members of the Administrative Group include monitoring the following the rules of the Tournament, as well as monitoring the progress of game rounds, recording battles, conducting streams and other organizational tasks.

  12. Tournament is created and organized by gtnz.

  13. Administration can change tournament rules at any time.

  14. Stage specifications.

  15. Each stage of the tournament / tournament is conducted on a ship of a certain role of a certain rank or on a specific model of the ship.

  16. Several types of weapons and modules may be banned for use in some battles

  17. The competitor will be excluded for using prohibited weapons/modules but the battle will be on

5. The order of the stage

  1. All battles of the tournament will take place in one day

  2. It is prohibited to use obscene language in chat, insult to players, corporations, tournament administration. (Punishment: disqualification, relapse suspension from the icon)

  3. Participants are required to comply with the requirements of the judges.

  4. The fights will be held according with the table

  5. In the first two fights, players are assigned by auto-balance.

  6. The first fight can be started with a different number of players in teams, with an odd number of participants.

  7. The room for the first stage is created without a password, the password for the following rooms will be sent to the past participants by a personal message.

  8. Battles take place in custom battle, in control mode, on all maps on which this mode is available.

  9. Different stages can take place on different maps.

  10. Capturing beacons is prohibited (disqualification for capturing), after capturing the beacon, the battle will restart.

  11. The players participating in the capture of the beacon will be excluded.

  12. Players with a zero efficiency are  knocked out

  13. In the case of a tie, the upper half of the first team and half of the second team are taken.

  14. When the fight comes to 3 v 3, 2 players are taken with maximum efficiency, who fight for 1 and 2 place, the rest takes 6-3 place.

  15. The winner of the tournament is the winner of 1 on 1 battle.

  16. In case of victory without losses (one of the teams made 0 frags) the stage of the tournament will be replayed with the other team. The rule does not apply in battles 3 v 3 and 1 v 1

  17. The procedure of payments to the winners of the Tournament.
    Prize fund:
    1 place: 100 xenocrysts.
    2 place: 50 xenocrysts.
    3-6 place: 30 xenocrysts.


Prize fund:

  1. place: 100 xenocrysts.
  2. place: 50 xenocrysts.
    3-6 place: 30 xenocrysts.