Best of the best 10.03

I want to invite you to event “Best of the best”.


The lobby will be created 15:30 UTC and start  scheduled for 16:00 UTC. 10.03
1 lobby – host gtnz
2 lobby – host gadyuka

Ship : Lion Mk II (15 rank)
Missiles “doomsday” and attack drones are banned.


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1.General Information

  • Best of the best - it is a personal event.
  • The winner and finalists will receive an award for last fight. What and how much can search in Section 7.
  • The tournament is held corporation Star Storm [STORM].
  1. Registration
  • Registration is not carried out.
  • On the day of the competition is declared the collection, is created the lobby in “custom battle”, and all who have come into it, and has members.
  1. Administrative group
  • Administrative group formed tournament sponsors and the main organizer of the tournament.
  • The tasks of the members of the Administrative Group it is the supervision of compliance with the rules of the Tournament, as well as monitoring the progress of the game rounds, record fights, keeping streams and other organizational tasks.
  • The main organizer and chief judge of the tournament is gtnz
  1. Features of each stage.
  • Each phase is carried out on a specific role, or the particular ship, depending on the stage. (covert ops, recon, gunship etc.)
  1. Order of conduct
  • All the battles take place in one day.
  • Prohibits obscene language, insult of players or corporations.
  • Participants are obliged to comply with the requirements of the judges.
  • Communication organized the players themselves, if wants.
  • In case don’t come lobby, within 5 minutes after the room creation, it is considered is disqualified
  • Battles take place in custom battle, capture beacons.
  • capture the beacon and shoot down drones prohibited (drone shot down - -50 points, capturing a beacon - a disqualification)
  • Players with zero efficiency are eliminated automatically, and do not pass to the next stage.
  • In case of a tie is taken from the upper half of the first team and half of the second.
  • When the battle comes to 4 on 4 3 takes players from the winning team and the losing team of take one player.
  • After the fight 2 by 2 take 2 players from both teams with maximum efficiency.
  • The winner of the tournament is the winner in a fight 1 on 1 in the format of 2 wins.
  • In case of victory in the dry (one of the teams made 0 frags) at the discretion of the judge or the replay battles with the other part of the team and the tournament (on the same system) for access to the latest among the losing team.
  1. The procedure of payments to the winners of the Tournament.
    Prize fund:

  2. place: 100 xenocrysts.

  3. place: 50 xenocrysts.

  4. Administrative Group reserves the right to change the rules of conduct at any time.


Prize fund:

  1. place: 100 xenocrysts.
  2. place: 50 xenocrysts.

superprize will be played between 6 (12 if 2 lobby) best players randomly:



I’m waiting for all comers! Anyone can win!

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Looks like another weekly event is now with us for long ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) Did anyone made it last week?