Best iOS 12 Data Recoery Software

Years back, losing data from your iPhone was no less of a disaster. Important and valuable information has been lost over the last several decades. Nowadays, with the release of the new iOS 12 system, quite a few users are anxious to update their devices to the latest iOS 12 to experience more new features, ignoring the data loss issue that may caused by the upgrade.  Are you a victim of this problem? Well, do not feel sorry for yourself! We are going to focus on the professional data recovery tool that you can use. 

TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery Brief Introduction

Most of its recent reviews are incredibly positive. It has made data recovery on iOS 12 much easy. The software is uniquely designed to solve data loss due to device upgrade, virus attack, and deletion among others. TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery software has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to operate especially for beginners. You can recover data from iCloud, iTunes backup and iOS device. Like other recovery software, TunesKit provides you with a data recovery selective option and a wide range of file types to retrieve. Well, guarantee a 100% security of the data recovered. Additionally, it is a free trial before making any purchases. Below is the brief guide on how to use TunesKit for data recovery on iOS 12:

l  Step 1 Download, install, and run the program. Connect your iPhone using a data cable. On the pop-up message accept to grant permission to the software

l  Step 2 Choose the recovery mode as “Recover from iOS”. You iPhone’s data will automatically appear.

l  Step 3 Click on Scan to initiate scanning for lost data and a new page will appear.

l  Step 4 After complete scanning, a new page will emerge with a variety of file you can recover. From there you can easily select the file you want to recover. Then hit Recover option at the bottom of the page.


l  It recovers over 20 different data files

l  Can recover data from iCloud, iTunes, and even iOS devices

l  It is super fast in scanning and recovering data.


l  The free trial version is too limited to be of any use.