best fighter for PvE?

Will do, I am imagining my anaconda mk2 like this…

Shield resist implant, with shield ship mod set for regen, and hopefully I have a blue or purple weapon lying around to buff drone heal amount. Prem shield aoe, with shield heal(probably the 20 second one) and all passive mods for resistance.

Think I have mostly green and maybe a few purple tier 3 shield mods, so we will see.

Having tried this with Mk 2 and 3 gear I must say it is a very touchy build. You can regen shield really fast, 380 pts per second with drone heals at tier 3. I would like to see drone heals scale with main weapon as well though.

Issue with this build is unless you have 20k shield even though u regen fast, out in the open ur shield just can’t take the damage outright. But if you can duck and cover it is really nice.

which Alligator for pve? Mk II or -M ?


Mk 2, the shield repair is a lifesaver.

I’d have to say Alligator-M.


The shield repair isn’t very much compared to a module you can have on your ship. And when the drones are repairing - they stop firing. This lowers your DPS.


The M also has more shields and more hull, iirc.

They need to buff the healing the drones do in line with main weapon rank, just like their damage does.

i’d also say Mk2, but xxxx smaller bonus (iirc 65%) in contrast to -M (iirc 80%)???

I was leaning to a tanky one for PvE, but nowdays it’s all about the money…