Best build for Loki

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once more an other ship build question.


What is the best balance open-space and pve builds for the Loki Command ship?


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Because most of the primary objectives in PvE have no shields, I wouldn’t waste a slot on Shield Havoc. Just saying. Though if you do more Invasion, it is a great way to weaken Aliens as they have massive shields.

For primary weapons I always carry Phasers on Commands. Use either the speedy ammo or the supernova ammo, it’s really up to you.

For active modules I generally use:

  1. a team resistance booster

  2. a self-heal module

  3. a Graviscanner

  4. a Mass Weapon Enhancer (or I think it is called Falcon or Valkyrie on some)

For passives, I suggest that you do not use a cruise engine in PvE as it depletes energy very fast and leaves you vulnerable. Use strafe and rotation mods or use the weapon cooler. For capacitor use either volume or regen mod. For PvE I suggest energy regen, as you most likely won’t be taking too much damage at any one instance. The rest is really up to you, though I usually have crit bonus mod for CPU.

For missiles I highly suggest the Ion Beam Warhead missiles. They are great for temp-stunning strong enemies or turrets. Also shuts down guard MS if you toss one at the enemy while within the blast radius.


For most effective use in PvE, activate the team resistance module and Graviscanner module at the start and keep them on as long as you can. This grants higher effectiveness as you get buff-assists for every kill within your radius.

I also suggest using the fast phaser charges at long distances only, then switching to bubbles as soon as you know you can hit the enemies effectively. If there is a horde of weak enemies anywhere within your range, send out a bubble then pop it in the middle of them. This generally grants fast kills and lots of effectiveness.

For structures, use the mass weapon booster to make your bubbles stronger, then unload as many bubbles as you can within the buff time. If you get buff assists from it then that is just icing on the cake. I usually just use it for myself though. Kind of like the CovOps Orion module.

Only activate the Diffusion Shield if you have lots of enemies on you. If you activate it just for one or two enemies it will be wasted. Try to only use it as a last resort kind of thing. When you -do- use it, don’t use afterburners, and if you are taking enough damage, turn off the team resist module. Just remember to turn it back on after the diff shield drops.

I may add more to this later but for now my fingers are getting tired of being used. I hope you enjoy the ship! ^^

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I was a little worried of getting this ship because it is a t4 but, I am surprised of how powerful it is for its rank.

It is a very nice ship. I used to use it more than anything. I think it’s still in my top ten synergy


Phaser bubble explosions have an extraordinary blast range, so they are great for hitting interceptors that are orbiting your allies. They also are great in PvE for taking out whole swarms of an ally is getting swamped. Though you need to be careful, because if you detonate it too close to yourself it will damage you.


The damage from the explosion never changes no matter what you do, so you can shoot it behind you using only one turret or use different types of ammo. The damage will always be the same.


I really love the phaser.


If you time the detonation just right on your enemy, you can deal white damage.


Phaser bubbles can deal upwards of 25k damage crits if used right with the right buffs.


Shield Havoc drains ally shields as well so watch where you use it.


Phaser bubble explosions cannot deal critical strikes, even though it is a primary weapon. If you get a kill with it it also counts as a “finish him” medal like you killed the target with a missile.


Flux Phaser kills also give you “finish him” medals.

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