Best asteroid mining locations

Does anyone have a favorite mining location?

I generally just use Iridium Mines or Nova 17 as mining with a mole, and the Emitter ML-V2’s ticks that are inaudible at the best of times, together with my tinnitus, doesn’t make matters any better either if the system is too noisy.

With that being said, mining has become a bit of a bind as of late, as the materials I used to pull from mining were worth sitting the 2 hours in open space, however, lately, with all the changes the devs have made, it is virtually impossible to walk away from mining for 3 hours with anything over 11M credits.

If you may allow me 2 minutes of Rant:

Firstly, please explain which brain dead person decided that “Rich Ore” is a standard material like silicon, osmium, vanadium, crystal or worse, graphite? What is the point of bothering to call it “Rich Ore” when all you get are the standard materials from it. It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense, don’t drop standard materials from something you specifically called Rich Ore, either that, or just stop calling it Rich Ore, call it “Some Of The Usual Crap Ore”!

I can remember a time when mining asteroids, and actually getting Nothing bellow 27K credits for a “Rich Ore”, the other day a Rich Ore gave me 3,6K Credits? WTAF?

The Only thing I can assume is that they want you to spend real life money to get credits and materials, and they are physically making it so difficult that you either become fed up and leave the game all together, or become a cash whore, buying the product you need to progress in the game. (Ps. Not Going To Happen!)

So, my current take on mining is… don’t bother! Even though the “In-Game Tips” still punt Mining as a “Very Lucrative Way” of obtaining credits and resources. If you are going to screw everyone over, at the very least have the decency to take tips like that out of the daily “Tips” displayed.

I think that was more than the allotted 2 minutes, so, Rant done, Happy Mining :confused:

I take it you’re experienced in the game? If so, could you tell me what the point of the 2x experience gain from the ship level system is for? Is it for free experience or for something else and does it stack with mission rewards, is it only when using the ship or is it also active just by having it in one of the hanger slots, does it effect clearance points at all?
Yeah I can do that to also thanks and do you have any tips for mining?