Berserker build for invasion


I am quite new player, playing since February. I am  getting quite decent at the game, I bought some packs in the sale, so for invasion I am rocking a Berserker (I am not playing in pvp though, with white modules and no experience). All over forums I read that you can do pretty much everything in a Recon, but I am unable to finish my dailies if they are rank 10+. I understand that Biomorphs are group effort, but even pirates are quite a challenge in Danger 7 zones.

So I would like to ask experienced players to help me with some combat focused build or even some general directions how to handle invasion mobs.

Thank you for your responses

Wow, you just stole my awesomest tier rusher metal!


Take some more time in T2 and enjoy all the roles in PVP. Get to know them better.


I promise you will thank yourself if you do.


It makes the game MUCH more fun.

If using a recon you will most likely have to hit and run, as bots with beams are pretty accurate :slight_smile: Use a shield and hull repair, parasitic remod and invisibility module. Use the three engine slots for strafe build or rotation or a combo.

Others can help with implants and specific builds as I normal use frigate or tackler :slight_smile: You May also like to wait until the 9th of you are considering more premium ships just in case they have a nice sale :stuck_out_tongue:

Use a shield and hull repair,:stuck_out_tongue:

He’ asking about berserker witch is empire ship and shield booster is a waste on that ship, parasitic is much better