Being told to calm down

Hey everyone, haven’t been to the forums since playing SC yet, thought I’d come and chill in the off topic for a little while and ask a question I’m curious about.


What’s your guy’s response you’re aggitated and told to “calm down” by a friend, or something similar.



I might be perfectly calm and in a somewhat good mood, but just a little on the aggitated side; the moment I’m told to calm down however, I lose it.


What’s your guy’s response when that happens and how do you usually deal with it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never been told to calm down in this game yet so I can’t tell.


But I’ve been on DotA 2 and that’s not easy bro, far from it. The heat of the battle is always intense and some people lose control :smiley:

Maybe the reason you’re probably ‘losing it’ is because you’re trying to play too elitist? Having fun is more important than beating the leaderboards, those are reserved for koreans :stuck_out_tongue:     (i did so good a few times in a row vs the same teams that once i was literally asked by someone if i was korean lol!)


Go watch Vanoss’ stuff on youtube (full channel is VanossGaming) and when you’re getting agitated again or told to calm down just remember funny crap from there and how you could do funny crap in this game, should work, did for me, it did quite amazingly well, for all games. Was in the same boat before this.

Why i’m telling about a fun gaming channel and not lolcats for example is that it gives you ideas on how to treat a game you’re supposed to enjoy, not rage at. I got plenty, go see ‘fun things to do in star conflict’ in the game discussions area - misc (linky: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19696-fun-things-to-do-in-star-conflict/page-1) )


Hope i helped.

I don’t usually need to be told to calm down unless I’m really happy and having fun. 


In the chance I am told to calm down I usually become severely depressed and begin playing with a screwdriver i leave on my desk in front of me, and contemplate why should I continue living.


I usually just take a nap and I feel better though.

Haven’t had a chance to check this forum yet, so I was suprised to see everyone assumed I meant in this particular game even though I never mentioned the situation even invloved a computer…


It was meant as a general question. Not just this game. But thanks for informing me that I need to be less try-hard even though I really don’t try much at all. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, forgot to say i’m doing funny stuff mostly first instead of objectives in other games too. And the channel i told you about is mainly with PS3 or XBox. Playing Borderlands on the side now and doing all imaginable stupid stuff - my fav part is when playing co-op full 4-man team and we jump around the enemy in a circle drilling shotgun shells in him, like tag roullette against skags to see who he jumps after :slight_smile:

You can also look for ‘GTA IV Bloopers, Glitches and Silly Stuff’ by ben buja :stuck_out_tongue:



How can someone tell you to calm down when you’re having fun instead of being aggressive? This is weird, I don’t get it :\

Rolled with the ‘elite’ (sarcasm, you know) in the wrong moment?

Nah I just get very hyper and loud.

The moment I am told to calm down is the moment my brain shuts down, I cease to reply, and begin the brooding phase.


If I am still in a good mood when someone tells me to pipe down, I will assure him/her that there will be no worries.

I have been told to calm down in PvE for screaming ‘‘FALCON PUNCH!’’ and using the plasma arc at the same time to kill the Punisher.

Being muted or suspended is a sure-tell sign of people telling you to calm down.



Calm down.



I got told to ‘chill the xxxx out’ when Astraal and I were playing a T3 PvE. I died quite quickly as I was flying the Raptor but I was the only damn guy who bothered to use an engy. Can’t remember who said it, though. I believe I was getting hyped as Astraal was giving the Punisher a serious beatdown with his Jericho fighter.