Being match with bots or a low # of players

Could we get some sort of option/filter so we don’t EVER play with bots or 3v3/4v4? I remember playing 3v3 yesterday (2 bots on each side), and a few more 3v3s today. I feel they are a complete waste of time and I would prefer not wasting my time playing those games because the matchmaking failed.


Also, side note, where the hell did the general chat forums go. Too many subforums.

I think this is a bug tbh. It sometimes happens that despite there seemingly being lots of people in the queue it will take several minutes and then match you up with 1 ot 2 players and a few bots.

Hasn’t happened to me for a while. If you can get a game log and screenshots of it they’d probably be interested in the bug report section.



I’ve never been matched with bots, ever. Didn’t even know the game was capable of putting bots in PvP matches.


That opens up possibilities for PvP scenarios where both sides have an AI controlled fleet on their side, for whatever reason - creating some epically sized matched.

It happens in realistic, where there are no more than 10 players in a match.

Ah right.


I have to admit I haven’t even tried realistic. There doesn’t seem an advantage to doing so at the moment and the increased queue length is off-putting when one has limited time available in evenings to play.


The devs need to provide us with reasons to play specific game modes. Maybe different types of loot in realistic?

realistic usually ends more quickly as stand offs are virtually impossible(when you lose a ship you cant use it anymore for the rest of the match) and i prefer it over arcade, when i got my ships ready for it(Full R9/mk3-exp is my aim)

make sure you are in a squad of 4 and then you only have to kill the opposing teams bots


that is not how it works…


if you got a squad of 4, enemy will have 4 players, and both teams and additional 3 bots.