Beginners Question: Implants vs. Skills



as this is still in beta, and wiki is lagging behind (as stuff still change), it is a bit difficult to find information as a new player that joined just recently.


Here is a question I have been wondering:


I saw a screenshot in Guide of the official Star Conflict page showing a “Skills tree”.  Haven’t seen anything like that in game. Is that some old feature, which has now been replaced with simpler “Implants”?



Tutorial in question, 2nd last screenshot:

PS: Wiki is missing links totally to concepts like “in-game economy” and “implants” and basically anything relevant to managing your player account outside of fighting. The stuff you do when not “fighting in-game” is missing even as concept links (there isn’t even a link to an unfinished page, like there is for other stuff =)



If anyone knows a link to other good wiki or guide, it would be nice. Or even to a youtube video (in english) explaining the above mentioned “player economy / skill / what-not management” stuff.


I naturally understand why there isn’t such at this stage ^.^

Wow I totally missed that skill tree screenshot.  I haven’t seen anything like it though, so I assume this skill tree has been completely replaced by the skills implants system. And yeah the wiki is kind of lacking at this stage.

skill tree was removed because it was waaay overcomplicated for a simple arena dogfighting game, and also had really wierd skill bonuses at higher ranks etc… just wasn’t a great system, so they took it out. perhaps it will return again in later phase of beta.

Ah, now I noticed that this was already discussed here earlier, it just didn’t use the current word “Implants” in it, so I didn’t get the connection (with 100% certainity):




Thanks for the answer!