Bear and Dragonfly builds?

Just got the Elite pack, and I’m wondering how best to use both of these ships.


I tried making the bear a Gaus Sniper, but the damage was -so- low, and it was near impossible to hit any of the lightning quick interceptors. So I’m going to give an Ion (Either -res or -speed variant) weapon build a try.

I’ve used guass bear and it does ok. You need to use implant 6 imo and of course use target painter and slows.

i got a few builds on the DragonFly i could go over with you sometime if you like…

Here is what I would use for a gauss bear.




This build revolves around maximum alpha damage, and it is the bane of interceptors. AdamWest did a video in which he used (stole) my build.

Gauss Bear :slight_smile: it’s a deadly assassin.

Dragonfly unfortunately can be considered the worst T3 command, compared to the others (Strong, Katanas, Promis, all just better). So most fits just try what they can :slight_smile:

Its not a bad ship per se, and in fact being less of the “main command” makes the dragonfly ideal for some niche fitting, where you can go completely bonkers, but never expect it to dominate, imho.