"Beam Disintegrator" Bug, Hack or Lag?



During the third game of the tournament I found an anomalous event on the behavior of a module.


The direction of the ray emitted by “Beam Disintegrator” module was different from the direction of the ray of the weapon.


In theory it is not possible that the weapon and the module point to different directions since both should point to the mouse cursor.


You can see this event in the video at the time: 00:47:14

Use 0.25x speed for see better the event.


After my death another anomalous event can be seen from the player’s camera. We can see that the weapon’s laser jumps to a target instead of having a fluid movement.




Kill in log: 20:37:31.210  CMBT

[2019.03.17 19.49.20.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=18074)

I don’t see. Please describe more and make screenshot from video with bug

The direction of the weapon’s ray and the module’s ray aren’t the same. 


In the video you can also see that the ray of the player’s weapon, in some moments, has jerky movements and while he is pointing a point it jumps instantly to another point.







Video on YouTube:



It jerks around because the server can’t convey smooth movements without consuming a lot of resources. See: any laser weapon ever.

It also has a slight effect radius around the beam under which it will do damage.

Yes, most probably it depence of network and server lags.