Beacons insta-health. Bug or feature?

Attacked a beacon.

Got rid of all guardians.

Got Beacon health down to roughly 54%

Enemy ship came close.

Enemy ship got “connected” to the beacon with the same visual link as the guardians have.

Another ship joined the fight on me.

I got forced away from the beacon, roughly 2500 meters.

When i looked at the beacon again, it’s health was back to 100%.

Duration of time not spent attacking the beacon was roughly 10 seconds.

So i’m asking: Is this working as intended?

Yes you can “heal” your beacon if you bring your ship close enough to your beacon.

and “stop bleeding” it by attacking the attackers.

Ok, but considering the amount of time it takes for 1 ship to bring down a beacon, how much health is it supposed to generate per second when a friendly ship is close?

Well healing is a little bit faster than taking down, this makes it harder to win;)

i’d guess about 2.1x as fast as capturing.

i’ve managed to defend alone a beacon for about 3 minutes against 4 guys by shooting on all of them i could find while circling the beacon- then the match ended-.-

Well I think you dont want the match to be ended after 4min;)

Nvm. After having spent a lot more time with it, i can see that it requires at least basic teamwork to take down the beacons. It seems balanced enough.

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