Beacon Capture Ideas

Short and too the point.


*Respawning Drones if the beacon is not under attack.*

  • Currently in T3+, people just drop a nuke and run for it. Often, the drones are all dead within the first 2 minutes and the remainder of the game is a mix bewteen fighting, rushing, and defending.

I think they do respawn.  I’ve nuked beacons, came back later even though I believe it hadn’t changed hands, and lo and behold I find drones to dogfight with.

Doesnt respawn in Capture the Beacons realistic game mode. Which is part of the game, you know - forcing people to defend beacons instead of hiding behind a rock till time over.

Perhaps I’m just thinking of Domination.

They do respawn. I think it’s 1 minute per drone … or close to that.

They do respawn. I think it’s 1 minute per drone … or close to that.


Not in realistic mode, to my knowledge.

they should NOT respawn in realistic.


So you guys are in A. I go to nuke C and you go after me. Either my team pushes you or I fly free.

Its tactics.  Just like in bomb planting. 1 guy with the bomb goes A with some of our guys while the other sneaks on C 


*For the sake of the example A and C are on the opposite sides of the map and B is in the middle.


Many games (realistic) where enemy was leading I just go and plant a nuke and 66% of the time get ganged and die.  Was it worth it ?  Yes ! Now they have to spare at least 2 ships defending and it eases their push. So my side have to either push back weaker force or me or somebody else can sneak on beacon C or A. Not just A that is exposed and HEAVILY guarded.


Again - tactics.