Beacon capture game priorities in a public game

I’m no expert and certainly not recognised as one on here, so please bear in mind that I accept this as you read. Also, I’m referring to both beacon modes.


My rule in these modes is usually to get the beacons first, so I’ll usually ping the beacon and try to get everyone to at least capture the first 1 or 2 points as a team. My opinion is that, as you really only need 2 points to win, or can anticipate when and where the next beacon is going to pop up (depending on game mode), even in a public server some simple strategy can be put to use!


However, I encountered a conflicting opinion. Apparently, Engineer frigates are such a massive problem that they now take priority when capturing? I know, a well organised team would be able to cope with both with ease, but these are public games with random teams, so my question is what are the facts of the matter; which of these 2 basic rules are more likely to work in a public game? If you think I’m completely wrong and have another suggestion, please let me know. I’m absolutely in love with this game and definitely want advice wherever I can get some! :slight_smile:


beacon -> engineers -> player’s discretion


engineers -> beacon -> player’s discretion





I’ve generally seen guard frigates as the top priority targets, given their ability to use Pulsar/Missile Shield/Minefield to defend a beacon.


Engineering frigates are a pain in most beacon fights due to their warp gates, imo.

I’ve generally seen guard frigates as the top priority targets, given their ability to use Pulsar/Missile Shield/Minefield to defend a beacon.


Engineering frigates are a pain in most beacon fights due to their warp gates, imo.


True, Frigates are great for holding a beacon.  Sad thing is the number of times I’ve beaten the other players to a beacon on my guard frigate because they are busy trying to dogfight an interceptor that 4 or 5 of them have yet to hit.


Engineer frigates are nice to get to a beacon and should not be ignored.  But at the same time you need people trying to cap the beacon while others engage the frigates. 1-2 interceptors on a beacon capture it very fast, but they all most all ways go after the fight instead of the objective.

It’s tough to pick a one rule formula for priority as by nature battles are chaotic at best. Beacons should be top priority at all times, but of equal importance is that you cannot ignore the threat an engineer and/or guard frigate brings to a location. How much of a threat is VERY dependent on where they are on the field, and what they are doing. A frigate powering off into open space alone to chase a fighter or two without support or near an objective is a nuisance at best, and usually as much to their own team as yours. Either type of frigate presents a threat but can be dealt with, skill of pilots being an issue of course. Should you be unlucky enough to find yourself facing down a guard AND a engy frig, or either with fighter cover… that’s something that frankly your going to need some team work to deal with.


The issue is even tougher as most teams consist of random players with no ability to communicate beyond ping an text. Worse if your facing an organized squad, and I happen to play in one most times. I started as a random player, so I do know how tough it can be. Just call’em as you see it, do your best, an try to find satisfaction in that. Should you find a group of people to organize with, I highly suggest that route as it helps with all of the above. Good luck out there.

My priority tree usually consists of:

  1. Get to the contested Beacon and attempt to cap it. If resistance is encountered:
  2. Identify and destroy Engineering Frigates that are providing support to ships on the Beacon.
  3. Identify and destroy Guard Frigates that are capturing the beacon.
  4. Mop up Interceptors and Fighters.

Note that I will change targets if I notice a ship being focused down by multiple allies to ensure the kill. 

engineers -> beacon -> player’s discretion


I fly my engineer frigate towards the beacon at my own discretion :stuck_out_tongue:

But on a more serious note, that’s really what I do. When I’m piloting my frigate, I make a beeline for the beacon, or a large rock near the beacon where I can snipe and provide support for the frontline. And I drift between beacons depending on which one requires more support. After a while I see the need to rush into melee range (and by that I mean within range of my minefield and combat drones) and act as support fire.


If I fly my tackler, I usually avoid the beacons and go for killing frigates first, then debuffing and dogfighting as my second priority. And I’ll be opportunistic when it comes to beacons. Once I see that I have a chance at capturing a beacon, I disengage and go for the beacon.


(On a different note… how the hell are tacklers supposed to kill interceptors if interceptors can sniff them out?)

The engineers have been marked as Highest kill prority in my corp. Thus when speaking to my squad, we usually try to kill the engineer first to not allow him to heal his allies. This makes any type of area capture alot easier

^^^^ This d( ^_^)


Ideally you should be shooting that enemy engineer from on top of the beacon.  Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and all that.


Oh yeah and once you capture, drop a minefield and move away from the beacon about 1000m if you’re playing in T3 as nuke bombing runs happen much too often (I’m guilty of these myself lol)  Plus people tend to get tunnel vision once they see a beacon with nobody on top of it even if enemies are in the area making for easy kills because they’re not paying attention.

Beacon Hunt is a joke cause it all comes down on camping the next beacon incase you lost the current one. Its always A->B->C never randomizes.


Back on topic:

If theyr swarming with ‘littles’ engineering frigates are top priority cause of their heal/shield restoration. However mostly you must intercept their ‘runner’ that microwarps to (or a frigate that warp gates to) beacon for a fast capture.