Battlefields. It is WAR!!!!

Hello, here’s a little something that poped in my mind trying to sleep yesterday.


So i’m thinking about a pve mode/mission, either, based on rounds or phases, like Fire Support and Defence Contract. It would go like this, From one side there would be us, players. And “police patrols” like the factions bots in open space. Mission, clear out Fort Muerte for good. You could take it’s OS map add pirate turrets outposts and make a blockade with it and some pirate patrols. Police job would be to attack that blockade or only the turret outposts. And our job to support them until we can break through. Once that’s done we’d have to destroy like 4 generators positioned all around the Fort. Front, each side and at the back. Or on a spiral pattern going up. Each of these generators would have protection from turrets placed around it. Kinda like it is at the(Fort gate)(where the transport comes in the pve). + a pirate wing for each. I would also add micro locators near them so tacklers and cov ops can’t just cloak and rush. Destroying those would trigger the last round/phase, the apparition of a buffed baron.

You could also use the same principle for the defense of a faction station. The main thing in my suggestions is to have allied bot patrols and try to make a bit of a mess, make it feels more alive than just 4 players blowing up pirates.


This one is pretty basic but effective, i think. 1 police cruiser on our side + alot of police or multiple spawns. Against 1 pirate cruiser and its pirate army. Mission, blow up everything without losing your cruiser. Or make it some kind of survival, doesn’t matter if our cruiser explode, we have a limited number of police spawns and ennemies gets tougher and tougher until everyone is dead. Cannot use duplicators in survival.


I have a battlefield suggestion for Open space too. But now i want to play. Stay tunned!

P.S. Devs, mods, let us know what you think of that. I can make modifications.

I’m surprised no one has comments on this. Bring your suggestions, we can hep make the game and what do you think. Wouldn’t something like this be cool as a spec op or like described. You dont like something. Say it. Modify it and lets create game modes. At least suggestions. There hasn’t been made suggestion of game mode/scenarios. Just express what us Star Conflict player want. Lets not be shy and get involved, like that handfull  we see in every thread. You know who i’m talking about.

P.S. To those players. Keep it up, you’re the foundation of the community. And some became moderators gratz. Others came and went xD

its late for me so just bump this at the right time. I’m down for it though… ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


I like the idea of a two Cruiser showdown with a stirred hornets nest of chaos buzzing around them with dog fights and rockets flying everywhere!

I’ve come real close to this entertainment level in PvP on a R1 Feddy, it was 8v8 i think, highest level was R4, and me and my buddies were cleaning up with our R1’s… but that dog fight, it was literally something you could only see in movies, like… the attack on the Death Star, or the Dominion War… or pretty much any encounter with the Cylons in the oldschool BSG when they had both capital ships facing off!

THIS is something i have come to expect from SC, and hope to see real soon.  ESPECIALLY since i prefer PvE over PvP at all.