Battle Query?!

I know that I am a brand new shinney Ace.   But this ain’t my first rodeo…I have noticed that the wait times for PVE and PVP and single senarios are incredably long.    I have waited for nearly 7 to 10 min for a battle.   By the time the battle takes place I am bored.   Then there is the Matchmaker…   I am a tier 1 fighter,   pitted against tier 4 and 5 in the PVP mode…  WTH  … so you just want Aces to be targets…  quickest way to lose players if ya ask me…  give us Aces a fair chance to fight eachother and gain some exp before throwing us to the wolves…   but of course the older players will say “waaaaaa”…   I don’t mind being a Ace,  and don’t mind getting my ars kicked on occation… But as a 22 Year USAF vet not accustomed to little punks talking snot to me.  just want a fair shake

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First off, there is a difference between rank and tier. What you are talking about is called rank, and there are three ranks per tier. Right now MM is based on tier, not rank. So ranks 1-3 (tier 1) are put together and 4-6 are put together etc.

Now the fact that uni are being put in a t2 battle in your t1 ships may be due to several reasons.

  1. you also have a t2 ship in your line-out (MM works on highest ship)

  2. you have reached a certain skill level after which you cannot return to t1 - Ace protection mechanics.