Battle for the helm - tournament results



Greetings, pilots!

At the end of March, the entire world of the Star Conflict universe watched the “Battle for helm” - the captain’s tournament of the 6x6 format. It’s time to discuss it!


The number of registered teams for the event broke the record of the past few years - this is an amazing result! Last time this happened during the Winter Way tournament. We hope that the following trend for setting up new records will continue for the future summer tournaments as well! By the way, how are your rank 15 ships doing?


Tournament battles took place over three days. This way the organisers wanted to distribute the workload on the teams, as non-stop gaming for 3-4 hours is a tough challenge for many.


The tournament was attended by both old-timers and newcomers who were trying their hand at this event for the first time! Although luck did not always accompany them, they fought admirably against well-played and strong teams! We hope you will come back with even more energy! ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)


The teams often tried to stick to the “we will beat the captain and then we will come up with something” tactics, however, it wasn’t always successful. Some teams, on the other hand, have built an impenetrable line of defense!


Rewards for the winners are really good - unique decor, paints, GS and most importantly - a unique souvenir Star Conflict mug!

And the leaderboard is as follows:


  • 1st place - Cow Bucket Milk
  • 2nd place - Flügegeheimen [TB-2]
  • 3rd place - Garden Syndicate


Congratulations to the winners and thank all participants for amazing battles! 

See you soon in the Star Conflict tournaments!