Basic license fail

  1. Describe the bug in a few words/sentences.


Today is my day 5 login.
I received my login reward of a 1 day basic license. TYVM.
So how then is that a fail?
No extra loots. No extra mono for faction os assignments.
As far as I can tell I am getting the extra synergy and credits. But I can’t be sure

  1. Why do you think this is a bug?

Because I am not getting all of the benefits of the license.


  1. How often does this bug occur?
    Every time I win a match and every completion of an OS assignment.


  1. What was your last action? How to reproduce the bug?
    I clicked on the npc mission completion icon and got 1 mono instead of 2.
    Prior to that I won several pve/pvp/co-op runs and did NOT receive the 2 extra loot chances.

  2. no more info needed.

  3. I’m sorry but this is classified information and if I tell you I’ll have to kill you.


  1. no video is needed,

  2. Yeah. No.





Are you sure it didn’t pop up in your mailbox? You may need to accept it there if it is

Go to the license purchase box and buy the 1day for free.

game log needed

2 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

game log needed

This is not a bug. Working as intended.

User clearly did not know how and where to access a free Premium license for one day.