Base Ellydium FPS is SUPER low

I was in Base Ellydium and my FPS was ~10 when it is normally capped at 60 FPS.


I left the sector and came right back and it was fine.


Not sure but seems like maybe I was in a different server.


Also, this happens almost every time I visit this sector. It has even caused the game to go to a black screen and as soon as I ctrl+alt+delete and then back in then its back to normal but still low fps. Leaving then coming back fixed the low fps this time for some reason.

[2017.08.31](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15264)

Is anyone else having this issue?

nope all fine here, and my graphic card suck so it must be something on your side

sometimes i get really low fps on maps (randomly), im pretty sure it has to do with ram since it often happens at OS when im playing the game through my 32 bit OS: after a few jumps theres high chance the game will crash or that the map will run incredibly slow. Running the same pc with same config on 64 bit OS avoids all of this.

Is it repeat every time? Can you make video with onscreen FPS ?