Baron takes the best Challengers into Elite!



This weekend Baron one more time gives the opportunity to take the best challengers into Elite!

At this time, Baron takes the two best teams in advance believing that not all will be able to keep on it. After all, the more players visit the Elite, the more pilots Captains of current Elite teams will be able to invite to their compositions.

In addition to the existing missions for the Elite, a new task is available: to achieve 2 victories in battles in SCL.

Reward: 2 monocrystals and 10,000 random faction loyalty (excluding bonuses and premium license).

The leaderboard will be recorded on Monday, September 5 at 08:00 MSK (UTC+3).

After the distribution of trade routes, the Challengers Leaderboard will be reloaded!

Attention! If Baron finds out that you are not able to protect the trade routes, he will stop giving missions. To avoid this, Elite Teams need to win at least 5 times in SCL games in a week.

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**Last week, Baron's Elite was refinforced with two new teams: botbl (captain NEYTRON) and Still Alive (captain SeraX) and said goodbye to eXe team (captain xIMaXIx).**


The main event of the coming week is the play-offs for the opportunity to enter the Baron’s tournament ‘Grand Prix’, where the best pilots can get advanced technology plundered from an Ellydium ship, fill their bank accounts and earn unique SCL titles. But for Challenger teams this is not the last opportunity to get to the tournament. On September 12, at 12:00 MSK (UTC+3), after the Elite teams confirm their participation in ‘Grand Prix’, Challenger ratings will be reset and the remaining slots for the tournament will be given to teams with the best results in ladder matches. Results will be announced on September 12, at 12:00 MSK (UTC+3).


Play-off matches will take place this Saturday between the 1-2 placed Challenger teams and 5-6 placed Elite teams. Games will be held in SCL format (‘Beacon capture’ mode and 11-15 ranks), ‘the best of two rounds’.